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Configuration Management

For over 15 years, Vista International Operations has performed configuration management for our customers throughout the lifecycle of their software and hardware assets. Our technical staff creates, controls, and implements images for baseline configurations, using them to activate and deploy network ready systems and individual hardware where security and standardization is the paramount concern. Configuration items are identified, tracked, and accounted for in a Configuration Management Database. Software versions and licenses are tracked, maintained in libraries, and deployed to keep systems compatible and customers free from licensing concerns.


  • Systems Imaging with Standard Images or Approved Non-standard Images

  • ITILv3 Compliant Configuration Management System (CMS) Implementation and Maintenance

  • IAVA and STIG Implementation; Security Protocols

  • Systems and Software Configuration Audits for DIACAP Compliance

  • Research, Support and Validation for Application Certificates of Networthiness (CoN)

  • Deployed Software Scanning and Monitoring

  • Network System Scans of Hardware (node) Configurations

  • Configuration Items (CI) Inventories and Databases (CMDB)

  • License Management

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