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Database Administration

Vista International Operations has supported Database Administration operations for more than 12 years. We provide planning, definition, design, deployment, maintenance, upgrades, performance monitoring, and quality of service tuning of databases for our customers. Technical enhancements are focused on designing the right database parameters, objects, tablespace, capacity, resource allocation, and back-up strategies, using data modeling and industry best practices. Our services also include worry-free database migrations; data cleansing, deduplication, and validation of databases; security and security monitoring, and database web-based application and interface development.


  • Database Administration and Maintenance (Multi-disciplinary)

  • Database Design and Optimization for Web-based Applications

  • Database Migration to Emerging Systems/Databases

  • Automated Data Cleansing and Validation

  • Database Security Through the use of Critical Patch Updates, Security Patch Updates, Management of Security Controls, Establishment Testing and Back-up Procedures, and Controlling User Access

  • Automation of Processes Through Development of Scripts Using PL/SQL, Java, SQL and Oracle Languages

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