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  • Vista International Operations Inc. was founded on December 22, 1999 and its first Federal Contract was with the Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service.  Providing database management and monitoring services/support to the Russian grain trade program, Vista was able to help the United States Department of Agriculture reduce waste and shrinkage in the transshipment of US grain products to a country emerging from the structure of the former Soviet Union.  On this first successful Federal contract, Vista International Operations was able to leverage its past performance in information technology support to effect further Federal contracts.

  • On January 1, 2001, Vista was acquired by Bristol Bay Native Corporation, one of the original Alaska Native Corporations formed by the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.  The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act created twelve Native regional economic development corporations. Each corporation was associated with a specific region of Alaska, and the Natives who had traditionally lived there. Bristol Bay Native Corporation encompasses a land area of Alaska which is home to the world’s most valuable source of wild salmon and amazing natural resources.  

  • On January 9, 2002, Vista International Operations became certified by the Small Business Administration as an 8(a) Small Business and Federal information technology contracts that had been performed by Vista Technologies, Inc. and SpecPro, Inc. were novated to Vista International Operations Inc. 

  • At Rock Island Arsenal, Vista expanded IT support services to several tenant organizations and Commands throughout the Island in 2002.  Vista also expanded support services to include applications development for legacy, STAMIS, mainframe, and web-based services.

  • Later in 2002, Vista expanded services to commercial and military support operations in Texas with several Air Force customers.

  • Towards the end of 2002, Vista executed our first Federal contract effort in the Mideast.  Vista was instrumental in performing the initial site survey and technology insertion for Camp Afirjan Kuwait as base operations were transitioning from Camp Doha.  Vista maintained a technical support presence at Camp Arifjan until January 2014.

  • Vista expanded IT support services to new Army customers in Charleston, South Carolina. 

  • This year brought extensive expansion of Vista in other fields of discipline for the US Army.  Vista became the logistics automation vendor for APS-3 AST events.  Managing RFID technologies, Vista significantly increased the quality of the intransit visibility of Army Class V (ammunition, explosives, rockets and missiles) prepositioned stocks utilizing various technologies, property accountability, and asset tracking. 

  • Vista was awarded a contract to provide IT and network support services at Camp Anaconda, Balad Iraq for the Logistics Support Element - Iraq.

  • Vista won the Small Business Administration Award of Excellence for Region X as an outstanding Prime Contractor.

  • In 2004, Vista commenced work in Herlong, California and Reno, Nevada. Vista provided Visual Information Services, Computer and Peripheral Device Services, PC and Server Support.

  • Vista is operating in 9 States and 2 countries along with a temporary ammunition distribution event at Kuwait Naval Base.

  • Vista International Operations moved its headquarters operations from Anchorage Alaska to Davenport Iowa.

  • Beginning in 2007, Vista International Operations, Inc. expanded its operational footprint to include customer support in Colorado Springs, CO through the performance of personnel security operations, Help Desk for NGB Training utilizing the Learning Management System, and IT Portfolio Management.

  • Vista expands IT support services into various Army Brigades and Battalions in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Texas, and Washington State. Vista also began supporting the Navy in San Diego, California.

  • Vista International Operations, Inc. provided VTC, conference room, graphics and presentation design, website design and content management, and SharePoint design and administration for multiple customers within the Military District of Washington.

  • Vista expands our programming and systems support services with the addition of business process engineering solutions using Microsoft SharePoint®. 

  • Vista expands IT Helpdesk support, SharePoint management,  server management, and ISP/OSP infrastructure modernization at two major bases and seven installations in Afghanistan.

  • Vista International Operations is joined by sister company Vista Technical Services, LLC.

  • In 2009, Vista expands IT Helpdesk support, SharePoint management, server management, and ISP/OSP infrastructure modernization at two major bases and seven installations in Afghanistan.

  • In 2009, Vista wins a large contract in Iraq to support property accountability, reset of Government-owned stock, and performance of RPAT and MRPAT operational responsibilities.

  • In 2010, Vista moved its headquarters to its current location on Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island Illinois.  In conjunction with the Rock Island Arsenal Development Group, Vista helped transform an unutilized Government building into a new and vibrant office center for Vista and many of our partner companies.

  • On January 9, 2011, Vista International Operations successfully graduated from the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program. 

  • In the winter of 2011, Vista completes a successful mission in Iraq and begins the process of demobilizing 94 Vista employees from Iraq. 

  • Property management operations were then moved from Iraq to Kuwait.

  • Vista International Operations is joined by a sister company Vista Defense Technologies, LLC. 
  • Vista International Operations enters into an SBA Mentor/Protégé program with Chenhalls Staffing of Davenport Iowa. 

  • Chenhalls Staffing and Vista International Operations agree to enter into a Joint Venture and apply for 8(a) status.  The Joint Venture was approved for operation and the Joint Venture won its first Federal contract in mid-2014.

  • In 2014, Vista becomes an exclusive international distributor of RMA Armament body armor.

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