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Vista International Operations provides high quality end-to-end ISP/OSP solutions support for our customers’ Fiber and Copper Inside/Outside Plant needs, based on our years of experience with major infrastructure upgrades. These solutions include ISP/OSP design and installation services; troubleshooting and repair; scheduled hardware and line maintenance; infrastructure upgrades; and testing and certification of both existing and newly installed lines. Our work force consists of personnel certified for a variety of cable infrastructures and can be tailored to meet your CONUS and OCONUS project needs for confined space, aerial work, high volume OSP cable installation, intricate ISP retrofits or cable abatement.


  • Copper Plant Design, Installation, Testing, and Certification

  • Fiber Optic Plant Design, Installation, Testing, and Certification

  • Cable Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade

  • Cable Abatement

  • BICSI and FOA Certified Personnel

  • Trenching, Manhole / Handhole, and Conduit Installation

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