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Professional Service Staff Augmentation

Drawing on more than 15 years of professional staff augmentation experience, Vista International Operations employs hard-to-find, skilled professionals who deliver results, achieve mission goals, and meet deadlines. Our employees gain an understanding of the customers’ needs and meet those needs in a way that achieves and often exceeds expectations and earns consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. Vista International Operations draws upon hiring resources developed specifically to identify the right candidates quickly, verify clearances and certifications, and arrange multiple interviews to ensure that we seat the right staff for the job every time. Vista is experienced in providing professional service staff augmentation for the following areas: 


  • Acquisition Support

  • IT Business Intelligence

  • Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO)

  • Information Assurance Security Manager (IASM)


  • Public Affairs Support

  • Network Administrators/Systems Administrators

  • Video Teleconference Engineers

  • Conference Facilitators

  • SATCOM/Telecom Management

  • Historical Archival Management

  • STAMIS Operators

    • PBUSE

    • SAAS-MOD

    • SAARS

    • LMP

    • AWRDS

    • SAMS-E

    • SAMS-A

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