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SeaPort-e QA Program - Quality

Quality business processes are the key to maintaining a high level of service while driving down costs over time. Vista has a comprehensive Quality Management System that was implemented based upon our experiences of what customers actually need. Our business processes are well documented in corporate policies and procedures. All Vista processes receive annual or bi-annual review by our Quality Manager, senior management, Contracts, Accounting, and Human Resources to ensure compliance with the most current laws, contract requirements, and best management practices. To ensure we meet and exceed the performance objectives and reduce costs associated with this contract, we structured our Quality Program around two separate but closely related functions: Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). Quality Assurance ensures the Government’s interests are protected and is independent of site management thus reducing direct charges to individual task orders.

Vista’s Quality Assurance manager (QA) has well-defined responsibility, authority, and organizational freedom to identify and evaluate cost savings and any quality problems and to initiate, recommend, or provide solutions. He is organizationally aligned as part of the Vista corporate support staff, but he has direct influence on the Vista Site Manager through the line authority granted him by the President of Vista and indirect authority to the Site Manager of our team. This ensures independence from Team management, our Quality Control Program centers on an inspection system encompassing all functions of the contract and is designed to keep the Vista management informed of all cost and performance issues. By maintaining high levels of quality Vista is able to reduce programmatic errors and redundancies and minimize the amount of personnel and time it takes to complete tasks. Vista International Operations' QA focuses on reviewing the effectiveness of our Quality Control Program and other performance-related issues to ensure we meet both the letter and the spirit of the PWS Vista uses intelligent processes demonstrating our ability to acquire, build, and evolve software-intensive systems on time, within or below budget. We have successfully applied our CMM based processes on software engineering projects for the US Army, Air Force and Veterans Administration. 

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