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URS has successfully delivered professional support services in the areas of Program Management, Acquisition, Engineering and Engineering Management, Logistics Support and Financial Management to the Government for over fifty years. Our experience in defense acquisition support demonstrates a disciplined and proven approach to the successful execution of systems acquisition programs from ACAT ID to IVT. Our experience includes all milestone decision points and acquisition phases, from concept exploration and program definition through engineering and manufacturing development, production, fielding/deployment and for major upgrades. We have a working knowledge of the requirements and standards that apply to acquisition program support and documentation, including the latest Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), DoD FAR Supplement and Navy Acquisition Procedures (NAPs), DoD 5000 Series Directives, Instructions and Regulations and DoN implementing instructions. We apply this knowledge, along with our intimate knowledge of the Program Offices we support, to tailor our services to return the highest value to the Government.



N00178-04-D-4042/ D.O. EH03 Team Submarine Enterprise Wide Support Services (EWCSS)

  • Period of Performance: 06/2013 – 06/2017

  • Contract Value: $646M

  • Customer: Ms. Arveice Washington, Building 197, 1333 Isaac Hull Avenue SE Washington Navy Yard DC 20376-2040, 202-781-1687,


N00178-04-D-4042/D.O. FC23

  • Period of Performance 02/12/2013-02/11/2015

  • Contract Value $23.9M

  • Customer: Tina Earl   300 Hwy 361 Code: CXLP, Bldg 3330S Crane, IN 47522,, 812-854-8433


N00178-04-4042/D.O. 19   Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Engineering and Technical Service Support

  • Period of Performance: 1 May 2010-30 April 2015

  • Contract Value $64M

  • Customer: Mark Silva, COR, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division/Q50, 5493 Marple Road, Suite 156 Dahlgren, VA 22448-5153,, (540) 653-2496

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