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Vista provides exemplary service around our core competencies in Information Technologies, Automated Logistics management, Training support, and Functional and Administrative support.  Each core competency is supported by a set of key services, which we have provided at more than 45 locations around the world for DoD customers.  For the Navy, we can provide these services listed below and more that span almost all of the 22 functional areas covered by SeaPort-e.


Software Engineering, Applications Programming and Sustainment

Vista provides programming support for a full range of development services, from gathering requirements through architecture, coding, testing, customer verification, sustainment, and post implementation enhancements.

Our programmers are skilled in a wide variety of languages, on projects as large as global client/server applications and as small as feature upgrades for end of life Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) software. Platform support includes mainframes, client/server, PCs, web, tablets and smartphones. We provide user-friendly solutions and keep them available, secure, and operating at optimal performance.

Software Engineering Key Services Provided:

  • Requirements gathering and architecture design

  • Program development and testing

  • Complete documentation of code and architecture

  • Application migration to updated platforms

  • Post implementation support

  • Feature enhancements/GUI upgrades

  • Changes implemented only after thorough testing and government approval

  • SharePoint design, implementations, administration and portal upgrades

  • Application training, user documentation, and training materials


Database Design/Administration

Vista International Operations provides complete database services, including architecture, design, implementation, migration, and administration/management. We have highly skilled teams working in both MS SQL Server and Oracle, supporting legacy versions and architectures as well as designing and implementing with the newest available versions. Vista manages data environments that range from mission critical transactional contracting/project systems to bulk load environmental systems containing half a terabyte of data.

Database Key Services Provided:

  • Server Installation and Administration

  • Database Design, Architecture and Implementation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Verification and Security

  • Data Migration, Backup and Restoration

  • Data Normalization


Custom Web Enabled Business Systems

Vista International Operations’ Software Development teams deliver value-added business solutions through design, development and implementation of structured, object-oriented databases, custom applications, and web/portal interfaces for our customers. Vista designs software solutions that ensure consistent quality and world-class results. We bring the expertise and technology to bear on the challenges your organization faces every day.

Web Key Services Provided:

  • Web Site Design and Maintenance

  • Web-Enabled Business Decision Support

  • Web-Enabled Application Design, Construction, and Implementation

  • Web Server Installation & Administration


Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense

Vista is very active in the implementation, design, and training all aspects of the DoD Information Assurance (IA) process, helping military customers maintain their security posture at all times. We facilitate assured information sharing, enhanced situational awareness, accelerated decision making, and improved joint war fighting for our DoD customers. Our experience and capabilities allow us to address the dynamic security exchange requirements of Global Systems, ever mindful of vulnerabilities and remediation actions needed to assure effective information exchanges.

Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense Key Services Provided:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

  • Security Architecture & Design

  • System Wide Compliance with stringent DoD Security Technical Requirements

  • Software and Hardware Configuration Management


Visual Information/Conferencing Services

Secure Video-Conferencing is vital to transmitting confidential information for various military commands, and directly supports the military’s mission of protecting and equipping our war fighters.  Vista expertly handles programming and operation of secure bridges; installation, operation and maintenance of Video Teleconference Center (VTC) equipment; scheduling of conference and meeting rooms; Digital Video/Training Repositories and Curriculum Libraries; directly supporting Net-Centric Training and Education Delivery.  Vista has the expertise to enable you to share information safely and securely, wherever you are.

Visual Information/Conferencing Services Key Services Provided:

  • Presentation and Training Support (including materials)

  • Graphic Design and Support

  • Video Production & Design Support

  • PAO and Multimedia Support

  • Video-Conferencing (Classified and Unclassified)

  • Secure Bridge and A/V Support


Business Intelligence

Using data collection, business process analysis, market and industry interpretation, integration, corrective action, presentation and implementation of business processes, Vista provides historical, current, and predictive insights to business operations. These insights and analyses provide deeper understanding for our customers and help them manage and prepare for market and industry behavior. Our focus on data and process management helps our customers meet their missions more efficiently.

Business Intelligence Key Services Provided:

  • Business Practice Analysis and Data Collection

  • Online Analytical Processing

  • Business Process Management

  • Process Model Development

  • Analysis Support

  • Performance Management and Metrics Systems Design


Network Design/Management

Today’s server environments are increasingly complex. Changing technologies have created a server topography that is harder to manage, yet more critical than ever before. We’ll help you identify weaknesses, develop solutions, and overcome challenges while implementing a focused, secure, and efficient server system that is in tune with your organization’s overall goals and objectives. Vista builds, maintains, and upgrades networks all over the globe, providing server/services administration and support ranging from Active Directory to specialized clusters.

Network Design/Management Key Services Provided:

  • Network Architecture, Design, and Documentation

  • System Requirements Analysis and Upgrade Recommendations

  • Network Traffic Engineering and Tuning

  • Disaster Recovery Planning (COOP)

  • Network and Server Conversions/Migrations

  • Network Survivability

  • LAN/WAN Implementation & Support

  • Server Consolidation, Virtualization, Segmentation, Dimensioning


Asset Management

Vista provides inventory and asset management expertise on materials ranging from computer systems to weapons systems. This includes complete lifecycle management of assets (receipt, storage, transport, reporting, and disposal) and full accountability including reporting and scheduled or requested inventories. Vista maintains RFID readers, converters and infrastructure, along with creating and maintaining the RFID virtual LAN (VLAN) per DoD guidelines. In addition, Vista performs Information Assurance Security Officer duties for the RFID system, and forecasts future equipment requirements.

Asset Management Key Services Provided:

  • Inventory Support Using RFID

  • RFID Systems Maintenance

  • Management of RPAT yards

  • RESET Mission Support


Multi-Tier Customer Support

Effective IT System support is critical to keeping your organization up and running. Vista provides both remote and touch support for all help desk tiers; 1, 2, and 3. We maintain Automatic Data Processing (ADP) equipment on government networks and provide technical analysis and implementations to satisfy system framework requirements. Vista supports a large cross section of specialized hardware and software as well as providing key interfaces to systems and organizations. 

Multi-Tier Customer Support Key Services Provided:

  • Lifecycle Systems Support

  • Desktop Support Services (Classified and Unclassified)

  • Call, Issue, Resolution and Lessons Learned Tracking, Analysis and Reporting

  • COTS, GOTS Hardware and Software Support

  • Configuration Management

  • IT Facilities Management

  • Customized On Site User Training

  • Enterprise Blackberry Support

  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 Help Desk Support


Automated Logistics Management

Warfighter readiness demands that equipment, munitions, and supplies are in the right place, at the right time, and 100% accounted for. Vista provides support for the automated systems that keep our warfighters fully equipped and mission ready.  We maintain IT systems including databases, web interfaces, and all of the applications and equipment, security systems, and communications that keep them functional. We know the logistics databases themselves, and can maintain, upgrade, and operate them at home and abroad.

Logistics Automation Key Services Provided:

  • Database Management, syncing, and upgrades

  • Communications support, SATCOM links, and backup systems

  • User training and system documentation

  • IT system operations and maintenance

  • Network connectivity, security, and management



W91QUZ-06-D-0016 (ITES-2S), SAIC Subcontract Agreement 4600008507/ ASC G6 Staff Augmentation

  • Period of Performance: 10/2009 – 03/2015

  • Contract Value: $2.2M

  • Customer: Tami Lord, CCRC-IGC/Bldg 60/3rd FL/West Wing, Rock Island, 61299, (309) 782-8564,


W52P1J-08-D-0079/0001/ Army Sustainment Command (ASC)/Army Strategic Logistics Activity Charleston (ASLAC)

  • Period of Performance: 07/2008 – 07/2013

  • Contract Value: $4.8M

  • Customer: Maureen Dell’Olio, 103 Guidance Road, Goose Creek, SC 29445, 843-574-8722,


W52P1J-10-D-BA0, DO0009 / Army Sustainment Command Information Management

  • Period of Performance: 02/2011 – 05/2013

  • Contract Value: $6.32M

  • Customer: Tami Lord, 1 Rock Island Arsenal, Bldg. 350 Rock Island, IL 60201, (309) 782-8564,

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